Asbestos & Artex Removal

Many leading asbestos contractors use Torbo systems as the machine of choice, because of power, efficiency and reliability coupled to an environmentally superior solution. The original dustless blasting system, Torbo designs are continually updated to take full advantage of technological developments and to stay ahead of all competitor products. As a result, Torbo systems use less water and abrasive material than any other product on the market, so reducing direct material costs and waste removal costs. Premium performance and reliability mean reduced labour costs and shorter timelines for project completion. Torbo have recently introduced a new model into the range – the TorboCar S. This single axle complete system is the ultimate in flexibility. Great mobility is coupled with the convenience of an integrated Torbo 80 Blasting System, and compressor mounted on a robust trailer platform. Ideal for jobs in confined spaces where high performance, speed and efficiency cannot be compromised. For integrated use with the ESL Torbo Cars, ESL have recently introduced their own Clean Air Supply Systems.  Where a compressor is already available (for instance, with the TorboCar S), ESL’s breathing-air filtration cabinet provides purified air direct to the breathing masks which are required for some operations, such as asbestos removal. Where required, a full breathing-air compressor range is available. To provide a complete one-stop-shop for artex and asbestos removal, ESL have recently introduced the automated Bag and Vac System. Manufactured by our partners in Germany from stainless steel and fully mobile, this modular system is ideal for the automated collection and bagging of waste material in large-scale operations and cleaning /removal jobs. Removes the need for expensive and potentially hazardous manual collection and bagging and is ideal for large-scale asbestos removal projects.