Economic and eco-friendly non-abrasive blasting

Highly efficient and versatile, dry ice blasting is a true industrial cleaning solution. Reduced downtime, no chemical blasting agents and no surface abrasion mean Dry Ice Blasting is perfectly suited for the maintenance and cleaning of industrial machinery. ASCO Gastek bring over 120 years experience of CO2 technologies to the Dry Ice Blasting equipment sector, all the machines are manufactured in their factories in Germany and Switzerland and their innovative technology has made them the market leader in dry ice cleaning.

Flexible Financing to meet your needs

All ESL supplied machinery and equipment is available for SALE, LEASE, CONTRACT HIRE or SHORT TERM HIRE. Our flexible finance solutions are designed to help all businesses realise the benefits the ASCO systems bring to their operations. Contact us for more details.


In-line factory deepclean to sensitive building restoration

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