Industrial Vacuum Systems Products

Portable Vacuum Cleaners
Industrial vacuum cleaners for factory and machine cleaning. Ideal for suction extraction of bulk materials, dust and liquids. Available from 2.4 kW to 23kW with conveying rates up to 10 t/hr. Powered by single and three-phase electric motors or compressed air. Units are certified to ATEX and Dust Class L,M,H and B22. Specialised units for specific sector applications have been developed, including:
  • Sump and Swarf units for machine centres
  • Animal Feed units for agricultural applications

Static Vacuum Systems and Dust Extractors
Vacuum cleaning, extraction and material conveying systems with integrated filter systems of all types and capacities. Options include explosion proofing and complete sound insulation. Ideal for heavy materials such as cement, wet sand and sludge. Available from 3kW to 300kW with horizontal suction distances up to 250m for vacuum cleaning and 400m for vacuum cleaning. Powered by three phase electric motors. Systems are certified to ATEX and Dust Class M and H.

Pipework Systems
A speciality and area of expertise for Wieland, pipeworked systems connect and integrate discrete static and/or mobile systems providing the ultimate flexibility of individual machine application or a facility-wide vacuum system providing suction precisely at the point of need. Full bespoke design, manufacture and installation is available to unlock the full potential of your stand-alone vacuum units.

Mobile Vacuum Units
Truck or trailer mounted vacuum units for extraction and discharge of large quantities of bulk material. Ideal for gaining damage-free access to utility pipelines. Available from 11kW to 300kW with conveying rates up to 60 t/hr. Powered by diesel engines or electric motors.