Industrial Vacuums for the whole Spectrum of Applications

Industrial Vacuums for the whole Spectrum of Applications

At Ecoblast we believe in diversity and inclusion and as such we feel that one of our best decisions along our journey has been to incorporate the Wieland Industrial Vacuum range into our inventory. All Wieland products are made to the highest of standards in Germany. Such is the sheer diversity of this product range that it has opened up a vast array of applications that would otherwise have remained out of reach.

The Wieland range can be fit into four main categories, with their various specialized uses as follows:

Portable Vacuum Cleaners

Portable industrial cleaners are perfectly suited to many industrial needs. They are best placed for extracting bulky materials, dusts and liquids and for obvious reasons this has opened up the agricultural sector to Ecoblast as such machines are hardy enough to cope with the many challenges involved in keeping agricultural buildings clean. Within the range are specialized machines that allow us to satisfy demand for specialized needs. For instance, the heavy duty S3 series can cope with up to 10t per hour of suction, making it perfect for the most intensive of sites like foundries, quarries, cement plants and power plants. Meanwhile the MaxVac Series is great for sucking out material and sending it through pipework connections over relatively large distances, making it perfect for sludge removal from pits!

Static Vacuum Systems

Where mobility is not such an issue (factories, heavy-duty warehouses etc.) the static vacuum systems can be great for industries requiring some of the toughest cleaning, like pharmaceuticals and chemicals and other big industry. These units expand our horizons considerably in that direction.

Pipework Systems

These systems are designed on a bespoke basis and can further expand the application of our main industrial vacuum cleaner systems so that cleaning systems can be developed with optimal efficiency and flexibility to clean and extract from the most awkward of sites. Some of our cleaners will become fully optimised only when such a pipework system is installed. They are especially great for large factories with many issues regarding access.

Mobile Vacuum Units

Wieland’s mobile vacuum units are perfect for extracting and discharging huge quantities of bulk material from hard to reach sites. For instance, one area in which they are perfect is in removing materials from around utility pipelines. They can be mounted on trucks or trailers and so can be taken to roadside locations and powered from diesel engines or electric motors. They have a great removal rate of up to 60t per hour.

Full ATEX and ADR approval of all Wieland industrial vacuum units means that all our machines are compliant and apt for the environmentally friendly removal of all manner of toxic materials meaning that ESL‘s range allows all companies to move forward in an ever-changing world with many moral and legal obligations across the whole gamut of industry.

By stocking such a vast range of models and allowing for bespoke adaptation we are delighted to be able to service many diverse industries across the UK.

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