Ecoblast Supplies Information Centre

Ecoblast Supplies are proud to introduce our Information Centre. Here you will find a whole host of invaluable tips and snippets of advice regarding the use application of all the different types of machinery and equipment offered on our site. You will find great words of wisdom on how best to use our dustless blasters, how you can take advantage of the staggering and diverse benefits of dry ice blasting as well as our dedication to your servicing and support needs across the board. You will find instructional videos as well as a fascinating insight into how our various technology works, hot tips and important dos and don’ts. This page is designed as a vital resource for new and existing customers alike.

General Information about Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting technology is an innovative a go-to solution for efficient, cost-effective and non-abrasive cleaning of a wide range of different surfaces and spanning a whole host of distinct industries for years now – from foundries through manufacturing and assembly plants to food production facilities! How exactly does dry ice blasting work? Dry ice […]

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On 02 August 2016

How Dustless Blasting has Transformed Surface Preparation

Dustless blasting has so many different applications that you could write all day about how it has transformed each area in which it is beginning to dominate, but let’s take a closer look at how it has been used to transform the way in which surfaces are prepared, especially when it comes to stripping back […]

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On 14 November 2016

Industrial Vacuums for the whole Spectrum of Applications

At Ecoblast we believe in diversity and inclusion and as such we feel that one of our best decisions along our journey has been to incorporate the Wieland Industrial Vacuum range into our inventory. All Wieland products are made to the highest of standards in Germany. Such is the sheer diversity of this product range […]

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On 25 November 2016