When only the best will do – ESL refurbish Witanhurst House

When only the best will do – ESL refurbish Witanhurst House

Witanhurst is the largest private residence in London and recently sold for £ 50 million. The original estate, dating from 1774, was known as Parkfield. The current house, built between 1913 and 1920, was designed for soap magnate Sir Arthur Crosfield on an 11-acresite.The mansion is Grade-II* listed meaning it has been judged to be of national historic or architectural interest. It has 65 rooms spread across three floors, including 25 bedrooms. Opulence is the prevailing feature – one of the largest rooms is the ballroom, measuring 70 feet long with a height of 20 feet. It has oak flooring and the timber wall panels are in walnut, with carved cornices embellished with gold leaf. Other richly decorated rooms include the Dining Room, Chinese Room Billiard Room, and the Gallery hallway. Access to the property is via a three-fingered gatehouse.

The redevelopment of Witanhurst has received widespread attention in the media, much of it focusing on the large basement extension to the main house that extends for two storeys below the entire footprint of the building.

With the need to meet only the highest standards of stonework restoration ESL, the industrial cleaning equipment company, were approached to help find a solution. Other solutions had previously been tried but failed to meet the exacting standards of stonework cleaning and original roof tile restoration required for this most high-profile of projects.

“We were delighted by the results achieved by ESL and their Torbo dustless blasting systems. The quality of the surface finish was exceptional, whilst the Torbo systems were quick, efficient and clean allowing us to vastly accelerate the stonework restoration process whilst maintaining the highest quality standards”, says Russell Seagrowt, Senior Project Manager.

On 30 March 2016