ESL open the door to deep-cleaning in GM Vauxhall

ESL open the door to deep-cleaning in GM Vauxhall

General Motors are one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world today. In 2015, the company sold 10 million vehicles worldwide, generating $ 150 billion of sales revenue. Founded in 1908 in Flint, Michigan the business is now head-quartered in the Motor-City itself, Detroit, Michegan. Vauxhall is GM’s brand in the UK, where it has been the second-largest –selling car brand for more than 2 decades. Operating out of 2 factories in the UK up to 80% of vehicles manufactured here are exported, chiefly into Europe.

ESL, the Industrial Cleaning Equipment Company, are now playing a key role in the maintenance of the door jigs, to ensure that quality standards are maintained and production lines running. GM Vauxhall have recently taken possession of Ice Blasting Equipment  which is being used to deep clean the jigs, removing any weld residues and other contaminates and ensure that the quality of surface finish and fitment is maintained. Due to the specialised requirement an Asco Ice Blasting machine with specially designed nozzles to access all areas was selected to meet the requirement.  The maintenance work is being done without the need for any deconstruction of the jig, so productivity is maximised.

Steve Thomas, Business Development Director at ESL, says “Highly efficient and versatile, dry ice blasting is a true industrial cleaning solution. Reduced downtime, no chemical blasting agents and no surface abrasion mean Dry Ice Blasting is perfectly suited for the maintenance and cleaning of industrial machinery. Asco bring over 120 years experience of CO2 technologies to the Dry Ice Blasting equipment sector, all the machines are manufactured in their factories in Germany and Switzerland and their innovative technology has made them the market leader in dry ice cleaning “.

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On 04 May 2016