ESL’s role in the development of Shell Tower and the Southbank

ESL’s role in the development of Shell Tower and the Southbank

ESL’s Torbo Dustless Blasting Systems clear the way for the redevelopment of the iconic Shell Tower

London’s Southbank is set to be transformed by a unique mixed-use development with the famous Shell Tower at its heart. The famous building will remain the centrepiece of the new site, occupied by Shell. The Tower will be complemented by eight new buildings. Approximately 800,000 sq ft of office space along with around 80,000 sq ft of new retail units, restaurants and cafes will be accompanies by 800,000 sq ft of residential space incorporating up to 790 new homes. The development is planned for completion in 2019.

ESL , the Industrial Cleaning Equipment Company, has played a key role in the development of the Tower and the preparation for demolition of the surrounding buildings. ESL initially worked with Silverdell on the refurbishment of the Tower, supplying Torbo dustless blasting systems for asbestos removal. “ESL’s Torbo Systems have enabled improved productivity due to the efficiency of the machine driving faster asbestos removal rates. The increased capacity of the large vessels means less down-time whilst the systems are compact, flexible and more mobile. This is ideal for the working environment in the Shell Tower”, Terry Cross, Operations Director, Silverdell (UK) commented. ESl have now teamed up with McGee Group to ensure all surroundings are free from asbestos prior to demolition nd the construction of the new Southbank.

‘Torbo Dustless Blasting Systems work with water introduced to the abrasive blasting process so that the normal environmental impacts of traditional sandblasting are avoided. Together with their renowned high performance and reliability, this meant that these world-renowned industrial cleaning machines are the perfect solution for an exciting project where disruption to the surrounding areas is not an option’, Steve Thomas, Business Development Director for ESL explained


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On 07 March 2016