Extending the life of modular buildings

Extending the life of modular buildings

Elliott, the UK’s market leader in relocatable accommodation, hires out temporary, semi-permanent and permanent buildings throughout the UK to a range of sectors. The company has operations in 37 countries, a fleet of over 310,000 units, and revenues in excess of £1.5billion. Their equipment is used in very demanding environments and often returns to base in need of heavy remediation – the alternative is to scrap the asset and take the write-down on the accounts.

Elliot approached ESL, the industrial cleaning equipment company,  to help them provide a quick, efficient and safe process of surface preparation for the remediation of the steel used in their portable cabins, modular buildings and other products, in order to extend the lifespan of the products and improve return on investment. If the steel surface could be comprehensively yet sensitively stripped back to allow full remediation, the building could re-enter the hire pool and be ready for effective use.

Torbo’s abrasive blasting systems efficiently clean and repair various metal and wood surfaces. The machines have fully adjustable operating pressures and work with a wide variety of blasting media. The flexible nature of the systems allows for precise and specific finish requirements to be achieved, regardless of the surface condition or source material. The machines are premium quality, German-manufactured and set the standard for reliability.

Following highly successful trials, ESL supplied 7 Torbo dustless blasting machines which vastly improved the quality and efficiency of Elliott’s remediation process so extending the life span of their valuable assets and contributing to improved financial performance.

On 10 June 2014