Spanish company sets a unique challenge

Spanish company sets a unique challenge

ESL was chosen to supply a large-scale bespoke industrial cleaning solution to a paper mill in Partington, Manchester. The mill is operated by Saica, the market leader in Spain for sustainable paper and board packaging. Founded over 7o years ago, it remains a family owned business and now employees 9,000 people.

The mill has a production capacity of 450,000 tonnes per year, which means it can produce enough paper in 4 hours to stretch all the way from Partington to London! As one of the only companies capable of taking on a project of this magnitude, we installed three main pump stations supplying 26 outlets, which pump 301 litres a minute at a pressure of 200 bar. We also supplied five mobile pressure washers.

The result was a solution that not only met, but exceeded, Saica’s unique requirements.

“ESL met every single need and requirement from the first meeting. Providing us with a quick and helpful service alongside products of the highest quality, ESL has made our production run more smoothly and effectively.”

Paul Evans, Saica Production Manager

On 18 August 2014