Mobile Vacuum Units

S Series VacTrailer
S Series VacTrailer – the professional choice
Power Source 3-phase and diesel engine
kW Output 11kW – 175kW
Container size Continuous and discontinuous discharge options
Wieland manufacture a comprehensive range of standard options with a complementary bespoke build option. Designed for the extraction of high volume dry and humid material including explosive and hazardous bulk materials via a high-tech filter system. Utilising three-lobe positive displacement vacuum pumps for continuous assured suction supply, these units can extract at rates up to 24 t/hr. Discharge is into containers or BigBags, ready to transport. Highly flexible and manoeverable, smaller units can be towed by car. Fully ATEX and ADR compliant.
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VacTruck – new development for 3-axle trucks
Power Source Truck Diesel Engine
Container size 9m3 -15m3
A powerful vacuum loader for bulk material – simple and robust construction. Designed for the cleaning and conveying of bulk material in sectors including cement plants, power plants and quarries. Complaint to Dust Classes M and H. Specifically developed for 3-axle trucks, so highly manoeuvrable for one so large! Available in 3 different power versions with 3 different collection containers/methods. In all cases, the vacuum pump is driven by the truck’s diesel engine – no need for a separate diesel engine. Options available include equipment to enable the extraction and transport of liquids.   Designed for the extraction of hazardous dust to Class M, these machines are suitable for use in industries including chemicals and pharmaceuticals up to an operating temperature of 80oC. Standard features include the Advanced Jet Filter cleaning system and compressed air filter cleaning. Factory-fitted options include continuous filter cleaning and pre-separator/spark arrestors.
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BlowVac – the best of the best
Power Source Diesel Engines
kW Output 42kW – 300kW
Container size 15m3
Designed for bulk material applications including groundworks for utilities maintenance with suction rates up to 60t/hr. Standard features include:
  • High suction power over long distances
  • Different discharge options for different applications
  • Blowing device for pressure discharge of materials into silos or onto roofs
A wide standard range of truck-mounted options, including the AshVac model for disposal of ash and bio-mass residue, is complemented by a customer bespoke design facility. Fully ATEX and ADR compliant. Industrial vacuum systems simply do not come better than this.
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