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Sale, Lease, Contract Hire, and Short Term Hire available on all industrial cleaning equipment. Finance available.

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World-leading machines now for hire in the UK

Sometimes, hiring is simply the best solution for our customers. The benefits can be significant:

  • Avoidance of capital outlay or long term lease commitments
  • The newest models always available as the hire fleet is continuously updated
  • Delivery and collection arranged when and where needed
  • Full range of consumables and accessories – all available on Next Day Delivery
  • All machinery and equipment is kept in prime condition by our in-house engineering team
  • Breakdown response is swift and included in the hire charges
  • Comprehensive operator training available to ensure high productivity

Carillion use ESL’s Torbocar System on the M40 Motorway Upgrade Project.
The mobility of the Torbocar means we can get to work quickly in tight time windows. We can dual task – remove white lines and clean bridges of graffiti – in a way not possible with UHB systems. There are real environmental benefits too – no fumes or noise pollution as with the traditional thermal lance – which has also improved the working conditions for our operators.

John Lowe, Deputy Operations Manager
Carillion PLC

World-leading machinery and equipment from Wieland, Torbo, Clena, ASCO and Weidner is now available for hire.

Designed and manufactured in Germany the range of industrial cleaning solutions harness technology to provide unbeatable results every time

Full training and technical support is available from our UK-wide engineering team.

Contact ESL now to discuss your requirements and arrange a demonstration.

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