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Industrial Cleaning Products and Solutions

ESL offers the industry’s widest selection of industrial cleaning equipment. We work with premium European manufacturers and have UK exclusivity to offer the highest quality equipment available in the world today.

Wieland Industrial Vacuum Systems

Featuring streamlined German technology for advanced performance. Wieland industrial vacuum systems uses the highest quality components to achieve the highest suction and filter performance. Please click here to visit the Wieland home page.

Torbo Dustless Blasting

The Torbo blasting system permits virtually dust-free, eco-friendly and effective sandblasting. This special blasting process meets the highest standards of precise and specific cleaning performance. Please click here to visit the Torbo home page.

ASCO Dry Ice Blasting

ASCO are a global leading company for dry ice production and dry ice blasting. Dry ice production machines offer significant cost savings and flexibility and ASCO dry ice cleaning technology is a safe and effective method for cleaning machines and surfaces. Please click here to visit the ASCO home page.

Clena Industrial Jet Washing

A selection of heavy duty pressure washers from Clena for tough and powerful cleaning. Clena pressure washers not only excel in performance but also excel in reliability. Please click here to visit the Clena home page.

Weidner Dry Steam Cleaning

Weidner cleaning systems are at the forefront of steam cleaning and are built for heavy duty tasks using leading German technology. Please click here to visit the Weidner home page.

Torbo Softline XS
ASCO Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

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13 Oct

New ASCO Dry Ice Reformer A700Ri

The new and improved ASCO dry ice reformer A700Ri is available now to order from ESL. Make dry ice blocks out of dry ice pellets!

14 Sep


Find out about ESL's relationship with ASCO, the current UK dry ice market and latest trends in this Q&A feature.

20 Aug

Highways England Graffiti Innovations

It was great to take part in the recent Highways England testing session to look at innovative ways to remove graffiti on the road network.