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It is critical for legal compliance to comprehensively washdown our production lines between different production rums. This was proving very time-consuming and reducing plant utilisation and increasing costs. So we asked ESL to audit our existing cleaning processes and propose an improved solution.

We nave been very impressed with the results. A combination of a Clena pipe-worked multi-station washdown system with a number of Clena high-pressure mobile pressure washer units has provided a highly effective and efficient solution. Plant up-time has increased as changeover times have been cut, costs have reduced and we have greater flexibility on batch size. All while ensuring our legal requirements are routinely met.

Stuart Francis, Managing Director, Chemique Adhesives and Sealants.



Industrial Pressure Washers

Our Clena industrial pressure washers are robust, reliable and durable and are built to last. This selection of heavy duty pressure washers are designed for tough and powerful cleaning and for high performance. Clena is a brand trusted world-wide and features advanced German engineering. Choose from our range of pressure washers which offers unbeatable versatility and solutions for many applications. Let water do the work with Clena.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

Our Clena hot water pressure washers feature excellent flow rates and heat water instantly for fast results with short drying time. These pressure washers are perfect for removing grease, oil and fat which soften and loosen from the surface with great ease and impressive results. Cleaning with hot water is more environmentally friendly requiring less pressure and detergents and offers the most hygienic cleaning solution.

Cold Water Pressure Washers

The force of water from our cold pressure washers blasts through dirt over large areas quickly and easily. Our Clena cold pressure washers are hardwearing and heavy duty and are designed for industrial and commercial use. These machines are perfect for a variety of industries and applications including agriculture, manufacturing, construction and the public sector.

Clena Industrial Pressure Washers

Bespoke Pressure Washer Systems

Our pressure washers are built tough. We don’t just deliver an off the shelf solution but also offer a bespoke service. We are proud to have the facility to design and build Clena pressure washers to meet your individual needs to provide a bespoke solution with an exceptional product lifespan.

We also offer foam washing systems and hygiene and disinfection systems for the ultimate cleaning product offer. To view our Clena machines in action, please click on this link

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Cold Water Pressure Washers

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