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Public Transportation Cleaning

Interior and exterior commercial vehicle cleaning systems

The key to success in the transport sector is to keep expensive vehicles on the road, earning revenue.

ESL provide the solution to internal and external vehicle and container/trailer cleaning needs, ensuring a compliant and clean fleet which remains on the road longer.


Ultra-reliable portable washing machines.


Flexible and efficient vacuum cleaners.

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Torbo Dustless Blasting

10 May

The Future of Surface Preparation

Torbo Dustless blasting can remove virtually any coating from any surface and is powerful enough to blast through steel with precision.

ASCO P15i Dry Ice Pelletizer

06 May

New P15(i) Dry Ice Pelletizer from ASCO

The ASCO Dry Ice Pelletizer P15(i) is a compact and powerful dry Ice machine from our i-Series line

Recycling Industrial Water

29 Apr

Recycling Industrial Water

The Wieland FS216 is in action here filtering and recycling water for industrial use. The FS216 can vacuum up to 200 litres per minute