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Wieland Portable Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

VACPRO SERIES - a great all-rounder

Power source: single and 3-phase

kW output: 2.2kW – 11kW

Container size: 50l – 150l

The perfect choice for general industrial vacuum cleaning requirements. Suitable for dust, chips, particles and liquid. All machines have as standard:

  • Mechanical pre-separator
  • Heavy-duty pocket filter to dust class M
  • Pneumatic Airshock filter cleaning device
  • Sound insulation

IS SERIES - technology for specialist applications

Power source: single, 3-phase and compressed air

kW output: 3.0kW – 7.5kW

Container size: 50l – 150l

The most technologically advanced industrial vacuum machines on the market – the choice for specialist sector applications. Suitable for dust classes, L, M, N and B22 and fully ATEX compliant. A high specification as standard is complemented by a wide range of options which enables you to build your own machine precisely to your needs. Standard options include:

  • Side channel pump for maintenance-free operations
  • Integrated cyclonic separator
  • Condition-monitoring instruments
  • Additional pocket filters
  • Safety cartridge filter
  • Larger container sizes with integrate d lifting and lowering device

Additionally, a range of machines has been developed for specific applications for sectors including agriculture, food, mining, foundries and engineering.

FS SERIES - sump and swarf cleaner: technology in action

Power source: 3-phase and compressed air

kW output: 3.0kW – 11kW

Container size: 65l – 200l

Separates coolant from metal chips and returns coolant to machine centre container for re-use. Suitable for wet and dry metal chips. The key advantage is that coolant is pressed out of the unit using Wieland’s innovative pressure discharge device, avoiding the need for a liquid pump and so overcoming the problem of frequent damage to the pump. Returns recycled liquid up to 200l/min. Silent, maintenance-free channel vacuum pump for continuous operation.

MAXVAC SERIES - the ultimate portable machine

Power source: 3-phase and compressed air

kW output: 7.5kW – 23kW

Container size: 200l +

Outstanding suction capacity allows conveyance of heavy materials over long distances. Ideal for integration to pipework systems and interceptor hoppers Suitable for sludge removal from pits, all dust classes and ATEX-environments. Extraction rates up to 10t/hr.

S3 SERIES - for when the going gets tough

Power source: 3-phase

kW output: 22kW

Container size: 1000l +

Extremely robust machine with heavy-duty frame and wheels and a transport frame for FLTs. Rotary piston vacuum pumps are used to enable conveying large amounts of suction material at rates up to 10t/hr. For use in the most demanding of environments, such as foundries, quarries, cement plants and power plants. An S3 will never let you down.

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