Dry steam cleaning accessories

Thermal cleaning with saturated steam is gaining importance in the industrial cleaning of sheet metal or steel structures, as well as machine parts and surfaces.

Phosphate and corrosion protection support the saturated steam in cleaning, and ensure, then the required cleaning and corrosion protection to finishing of the parts.

With the phosphate dosing station is the flowing at the metering point for saturated steam cleaning, phosphating and or corrosion protection, even with a very high frequency inoculated with exact metering setting.

The dosage is via a specifically designed for this application metering pump stroke frequency and controllability.

With the switch on the trigger of the steam gun the steam flow will controlled over an pneumatic process steam valve.

The detergent pump is controlled by a steam flow switch.

The steam hose Packet has a high temperature resistant flexible protective hose, steam and detergent hoses from dirt and mechanical damage protects.

High dissolving
The stroke rate can be adjusted in single steps between 1 and 360 strokes /minute.In addition an infinitely stroke length adjustment supports the exact setting of the dosing quantity and calibration.The result is a continuous precise dosing.

Control unit
Beside the manual operation the pumps have already in the standard versi multiplicatio- /division- ( digital signal ) and proportional regulation ( analog signal ).Therefore these kinds of pumps are suitable for multiple applications. The display notifies selectively the current data, strokes/ min, l/ h or G/h/min, l/h oder G/h an.

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