Engineering & Manufacturing

Vacuum system applications to improve efficiency and plant utilisation are manifold across the engineering and manufacturing sector, including pharmaceuticals, print works, ceramics, iron and steel and car manufacturing.

Below are just a few examples of the application sectors:

Specifically designed for efficient and safe in-situ cleaning and maintenance in foundry operations.

Download the FoundryVac Brochure

The FS-216 is specially designed for cleaning of machine centres. It extracts and separates coolant from metal chips, returning the coolant to the container of the machine whilst allowing the separate disposal of the metal chips.

Download the SumpAndSwarfVac Brochure

Cleaning and extraction processes required in the plastics manufacturing sector are a speciality for Wieland. From in-situ cleaning of injection moulding machines through the extraction of plastic chips from the broaching machines through the removal of dust from belt conveyors, we have the complete solution for your needs.

The paper processing sector requires a variety of vacuum cleaning and paper dust extraction solutions. Wieland provide a machine tailor-made to the job at hand, from mobile vacuum units through static stations to pipe-worked systems delivering suction power precisely where it is needed.

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