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ASCO Dry Ice Recovery


CO2 gas collected by the ASCO Stack Gas Recovery System is a by-product of flue gas production from boilers as well as from other flue gas sources offering an economic CO2 source to any CO2 consumer or reseller.

The ASCO CO2 Stack Gas Recovery includes the following benefits:

  • Reliable and economic source of CO2 to the end user as opposed to self burning processes or purchasing liquid CO2.
  • The specially formulated ASCOSORB solvent used with the ASCO CO2 Stack Gas Recovery System is resistant to any level of oxygen typical of flue gas sources allowing greater system efficiency and longevity of the plant.
  • ASCO CO2 Stack Gas Recovery Systems offer a capacity range from 285 to 11,000kg per hour.


The innovative CO2 gas recovery technology from ASCO turns your vented by-product gas into profitable CO2.

ASCO By-Product Recovery Plants (BPR) can facilitate the alcoholic fermentation process, or other industrial sources or natural sources.

Some of the key features of ASCO By-Product Recovery Systems includes:

  • ASCO CO2 Gas Recovery Systems can be applicable to a variety of applications.
  • Environmentally friendly technology – gas scrubbing, purifying, drying-eliminates chemical treatment and handling.
  • Totally automatic process.
  • Capacities available from 285 to 20,000kg per hour.


ASCO CO2 Gas Revert Recovery Systems are engineered to efficiently recover the revert CO2 gas from ASCO Dry Ice Pellet and Block Machines which normally direct the revert gas to the atmosphere.

CO2 Revert Recovery Systems Advantages:

  • Automatic (PLC) operation
  • Heavy duty, compact and efficient design
  • Packaged, prepiped and prewired for timely installation

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