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ASCO Dry Ice Transport & Storage Products


Inner vessel: stainless or carbon steel

Outer vessel: carbon steel

Max. working pressure (CO2 tanks): 22 bar (319.08 PSI)

Insulation: high quality vacuum perlite

Piping: stainless steel

Level indication: differential pressure measuring device (outlet 4-20mA)

Approval: PED 2014/68/EU or AD2000 and other international codes

ASCO CO2 Storage Tanks include a high quality perlite vacuum insulation and are supplied complete with all pipework, valves, safety devices, liquid level indicator, pressure gauge, automatic pressure build up and pressure reducing systems allowing fast and easy installation on site.


Pressure vessel: made of carbon steel, 24 bar (348.09 PSI) design pressure

Insulation: PU insulated, 150 – 200mm (6 – 8in), covered by aluminium sheet

Piping: stainless steel

Contents gauge: differential pressure measuring device (outlet 4-20mA)

Approval: ED 2014/68/EU and AD2000

ASCO polyurethane insulated (PU) Storage Tanks are constructed in various standard sizes, ranging from 10t to 100t capacity of liquid carbon dioxide. Each unit is compactly designed, simple and safe to operate and easily installed.

The ASCO pressure vessels are designed and built per PED and AD2000, maximum allowable working pressure is 24 bar (348.09 psi). Tanks are supplied complete with all pipework in stainless steel, valves and safety devices.


Gross water volume: 19,650

Max. allowed working pressure: 22 bar (319.08 PSI)

Insulation: Vacuum with multi-layer insualtion

Piping: stainless steel

ASCO CO2 and Cryogenic 20‘ ISO Tank Containers include a high quality vacuum multi-laminar super insulation and are supplied complete with all pipework, valves, safety devices, liquid level indicator, pressure gauge and optional with transfer pump and filling hoses.

All tank containers are designed for transportation by road, ship and rail.

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