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Dustless Blasting Accessories

All-new Torbo Mix for automatically mixing a fibre suppressant with the blasting media.

The ALG Technical Working Group recently issued an updated Appendix to the minutes regarding Abrasive Blasting Removal Systems (Appendix 6/17). The updated Appendix states that control measures for the use of Abrasive Blasting Removal Systems should include: ‘Abrasive systems using fibre suppressant as part of the blasting media should be used’ ESL’s Torbo Dustless Blasting Systems have always been at the leading edge of technology due to continued investment in Research and Development in order to provide the most efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly abrasive blasting solutions in the world.

We are pleased to announce that all ESL-supplied Torbo machinery and equipment is now available with the all-new Torbo-Mix which complies with the directive of the updated Appendix by automatically mixing a fibre suppressant with the blasting media.

A top-class lance of highest effectiveness, performance and capacity, with a broad field of application and a high degree of economy: The TorboJet system; the combination of Torbo and high-pressure equipment. Blast cleaning at great heights or with hoses over 100 m in length present no problems for the TorboJet system. Thanks to the precise metering system, the blast-cleaning abrasive can be transported evenly and sparingly to the jet nozzle over long distances. Blockages in the blast abrasive hose due to humidity are a thing of the past.

The TorboJet system is particularly suited to uniform surface removal on concrete in thicknesses of up to 3 mm, abrasive blast cleaning of epoxy paints and other difficult paint coatings, steel blasting with a high level of roughness among other things for the external surfaces of ships (dust avoidance), shotblasting of coal tar paints as well as gel coat stripping in the case of osmosis on fibreglass boats and other similar types of application.

The mobile waste water treatment device enables the re-use of water that has been contaminated during Torbo wet sand blasting or high-pressure water jets by paint residue, rust, slag or other similar solid matter. The contaminated water is guided by means of an ejector-driven suction system into the sludge tank. From there it is pumped via a diaphragm pump to the belt filter. An automatic separation of water from solids takes place in the belt filter. The solid matter is filled into a waste container and can be easily disposed of. Afterwards, the filtered water is again available for use as blast cleaning water.

Wet blasing is recognised as a system of blasting which produces minimum amounts of aggrevating material in the work area and to the operator. However, ESL recommends a minimum requirement of ear and eye protection together with whatever PPE is normally called for in the work area. ESL is pleased to supply a range of products including hard hats, safety goggles,face masks and protective suits.

Ensuring that you have the right abrasive media for your specific application is important in gaining the best performance possible from your Torbo System. Ecoblast Supplies work with the leading UK and global manufacturers and suppliers of quality blasting media of all types. We can help you select and provide the media that is right for you – to ensure the right quality at the right price. Ecoblast Supplies offers a full range of abrasives. As we are not tied to any particular manufacturer, we can offer wholly impartial advice on the best media for your applicationa and to optimise the performance of your Torbo system. Furthermore, our buying power means that we can get great deals on price.

  • Australian garnet
  • Indian garnet
  • Silicates
  • Copper slag
  • Glass beads
  • Olivine
  • Vegetable abrasives

We hold all abrasive media in UK stock and can supply next day as standard to any UK location. Talk to us about all your abrasive needs and ensure you are getting the right solution to deliver great performance at keen prices.

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