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Torbo Mobile Dustless Blasting Units

The Torbocar is the premium all-in-one complete solution. The torbocar models AC30 to AC84 with assembled torbo-units plus compressor, plus large water tank, plus hose reel guarantee shortest set-up times, complete mobility and high productivity. The torbocar is the perfect system for mobile requirements of, for instance, highway repair and on-board ship maintenance. Special versions of the Torbocar are available upon request – you can bespoke your Torbocar by choosing the compressor power, torbo unit combination, resize the water tank or have the unit mounted on a skid or vehicle of your choice.

TORBOCAR S & TORBOCAR M - The ultimate in Flexibility

Capacity: 60 & 80 Litres

Consumption of water: 3.6 – 36 litres per hour

The Torbocar S and Torbocar M are single-axle complete units’. Great mobility is coupled with the convenience of an integrated Torbo Blasting System and compressor on a robust trailer platform. Ideal for jobs in a confined space where high performance, speed and efficiency cannot be compromised.

TORBOCAR AC30 - The all-in-one

Capacity: 80 Litres

Consumption of water: 3.6 – 36 litres per hour

The Torbocar AC30 cleans even sensitive surfaces thoroughly, leaving behind shining results when other blast cleaning machines would have long given up.

TORBOCAR AC50 - The all rounder

Capacity: 120 Litres

Consumption of water: 3.6 – 36 litres per hour

The Torbocar AC50 with Torbo M80 or L120 is the unit for all-round operation. The range of application extends from the careful cleaning of sensitive surfaces to concrete and steel clean-ups.

TORBOCAR AC76 - The challenger

Capacity: 240 Litres

Consumption of water: 3.6 – 36 litres per hour

The Torbocar AC76 with Torbo LX240 is a highly productive machine for large-scale applications – it accepts any challenge and makes cleaning of surfaces from facades to concrete quick and easy. Due to its large tank volume only 1 to 4 tank fillings are required each day.

TORBOCAR AC84 - The ultimate performer

Capacity: 320 Litres

Consumption of water: 3.6 – 72 litres per hour

The Torbocar AC84 with Torbo XLS320 is the ultimate in dustless blasting equipment and shows its huge strength in the most difficult of situations.

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