Torbo Dustless Blasting

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Speciality Dustless Blasting

Torbo according to your wishes. Whether it’s a particular colour design or a special version, ESL are happy to design and build your build to your requests. We have the capabilities to adapt Torbo blasters to meet your specific requirements within the scope of what is technologically possible. You can also blast without a physical presence with TorboMate which is small and maneuverable and operated by magnets and a remote control to get into hard-to-reach corners and which is ideal on steel surfaces (Image below). We can also supply a Torbo blasting machine in your corporate colours. Please get in touch and ESL can help you design your own customized Torbo!


TORBO N-LOC 50 & N-LOC 80 – The compact flexible solution

Capacity: 50 & 80 Litres

Consumption of water: 3.6 – 36 litres per hour

The cleaning of facades and monuments, ship and boat maintenance , are typical applications for this most versatile system. Very simple operation, low weight and integrated water tank make the Torbo N-LOC the ideal product solution for your flexible cleansing and blasting needs.
The aluminium frame with detachable wheels and retractable handles protects the technical devices from damage and is light to transport.

Torbo N-Loc

TorboMate – Simply the most efficient

Capacity: up to 72 m2/h

TorboMate is a robot for all vertical and horizontal steel blasting. It works with one or two blasting nozzle or (with an extra swing arm) with a rotating high pressure nozzle (500-4.000 bar).
The magnetic drive assembly and the wireless remote control is extremely mobile and permitted a high production rate.


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